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Zermatt village map

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Zermatt - Getting There

snowflake.gif (928 bytes) Switzerland itself lies at the very heart of Europe. This page contains information for visitors arriving in Switzerland by air, a map of Switzerland, and specific information for getting to Zermatt by rail and by road.

To Switzerland by Air

snowflake.gif (190 bytes) International flights into Switzerland normally arrive at either Geneva or Zürich airports - with both being convenient to Zermatt.

Both airports are superbly organised and fully integrated into the Swiss rail network. Arriving at either airport, one can simply check luggage and skis directly through to Zermatt, and board a train (under the airport terminal) within the hour...

Swissair plane
A Swiss jet over the Alps.

Tip - Because Zermatt is car-free, arriving by train is often very convenient for international visitors.

Then just relax and watch the world go by, riding through Switzerland's sparkling landscape in the cosy comfort of a swift train...

Bern (and now Sion) airports also service some intra-European flights. Milan in Italy is also relatively convenient to Zermatt (4 hrs).

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To Zermatt by Rail

snowflake.gif (928 bytes) The Swiss Rail network is world famous for its efficiency and is an extremely popular and convenient way to travel within Switzerland. Trains are clean, fast, reliable and frequent. The journey to Zermatt is also beautiful and memorable in itself.

BVZ train to Zermatt

Hourly rail connections run to Zermatt from all major gateways, including directly from Geneva and Zürich airports. From either direction, one straight forward change of trains at Brig or Visp is normally required. At Brig (or Visp if coming from the west) one changes to the romantic little cog-wheel train for the 60 minute journey up the valley.

Train travel time to Zermatt is
4 hours from Geneva, 3½ from Zürich.

SBB Online Train TimetableVisit the Swiss Rail online train timetable, where you can easily create a customised train timetable to Zermatt - from any point in Switzerland, or elsewhere in Europe.

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To Zermatt by Road

snowflake.gif (928 bytes) Getting to Switzerland by road is simple, since there are fast, well-maintained motorways through all surrounding countries. Within Switzerland roads are well-maintained, well sign posted and generally uncongested.

Zermatt is in southern Switzerland, at the end of the remote and beautiful Zermatt/Visp valley. Motorists can drive as far as Täsch.
The last seven kilometres must be travelled by train (every 20 minutes, sFr 8.- per person one way) or by taxi (sFr 30.- for 1-3 people, night rate 10pm-6am sFr 40.-).

The advantage of travelling by taxi is that you can unload your luggage directly from your car into the taxi. We recommend Taxi Alphubel. Phone  ++41 -(0)27 - 967 15 50

In winter it also necessary to reserve your Täsch parking space well in advance: call. ++41 -(0)27 - 967 15 50 (10.- per day outside, 15.- per day under cover). 

Driving time to Zermatt is
3 ½ hours from Geneva, 4 ½ from Zürich,
4 hours from Milan in Italy.

N.b. A motorway permit is required for Swiss motorways ( rental cars hired in Switzerland will have them). If you get stopped on a Motorway without one, you'll have to buy one on the spot, plus pay a fine. The 'vignette' costs only sFr.40; the fine is sFr.200.)  

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Once in Zermatt

snowflake.gif (928 bytes) Most guests arrive at the railway station in Zermatt. If you have booked a hotel in advance, normally they will provide a free little electric taxi or horse-drawn sleigh to your accommodation. Please confirm the arrangement when you make your reservation.

snowflake.gif (928 bytes) Remember that Zermatt is a very popular place - to arrive in high season without a reservation is to risk disappointment, and perhaps to face the prospect of having to return down the valley to Visp or Brig.

snowflake.gif (928 bytes) For casual visitors electric taxis and sleighs are always available, although most places in the village are no more than a ten minute walk from the station. Zermatt is sufficiently small that street names are rarely used, except for the 'Bahnhofstrasse' - the main street.

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Switzerland - Facts for the Traveller

Visas: Citizens of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and the USA (and many other countries) do not require visas for visits of up to three months.
Currency: Swiss Francs (sFr. or CHF)

Exchange Rates  US$1 = Sfr 0.94     UK£1 = Sfr 1.4     1 Euro = Sfr 1.04 (June 2015).   Latest rates at the Universal Currency Converter.

Time: Central European Time (CET).
Electricity: 220 volts, 50Hz 
Weights & measures: Metric. (1 mile=1.6 kilometres / 3.3 feet=1 metre)
National Languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansch. English is also widely understood in Switzerland, especially in airports, trains, hotels, etc.  In Zermatt itself the local dialect is a unique form of Swiss German. But 'Zermatters' are truly multi-lingual - English is virtually the second language - and French and Italian are also widely understood. If you wish to be especially polite, you can learn some useful German phrases.

Tipping: In Switzerland service is included on all hotel and restaurant bills. It is neither necessary nor expected to give an extra tip. But it is fine to tip when the service is nice and friendly. 

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