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Photos from this walk:

Views on the delightful trail to Zmutt - 81 KB

A typical forest path - 79 KB

Taschorn and Dom tower over the trail - 95 KB

A hot day on the trail - 135 KB

Stone roofs of Zmutt - 113 KB

Zmutt Restaurant - 119 KB

Beautiful alpine wildflowers - 148 KB

The Matterhorn from just beyond Zmutt by the dam - 80 KB




The Walking Guide
Zermatt to Zmutt

Description: A  well prepared path leads uphill through scattered forests and summer pastures to a beautiful and ancient mountain hamlet. Three pleasant mountain restaurants invite one to break the walk in Zmutt. This walk features almost constant views to the Matterhorn and is justifiably popular - in every season.
Time required
: About 2 hours of walking  (70 mins uphill at start / 50 mins downhill)

  Modest            Popularity: ***** Very Popular
Begins at:
Zermatt (1614m altitude)                Ends at: Zermatt  (1614m)                 Goes via: Zmutt (1936m)

Track Notes:
This broad footpath is in very good condition. Any walking or sports shoes should be suitable. Trail open all year. There are fine fields of wildflowers in the pastures before Zmutt, especially mid-May to the end of June.
Nb. Zmutt is pronounced 'Zm-oot' rhyming with 'foot'.
This walk can be extended with the walk to Zum See and Blatten, after visiting Zmutt. Alternatively, if you find yourself fascinated by the impressive north face of the Matterhorn, one can continue on towards the Schönbiel Hut to make a big day of it.

The walk begins at the “Gemeinde Zollhaus” (Customs office) at the southern end of Zermatt, just by the river and not far from the Matterhorn lifts (“Matterhornbahnen”). To get to the Zollhaus; find the river flowing north through the center of Zermatt, and take the road upstream and alongside so that the river is on your left.  Ie. You want to be on the west bank. 
The Zollhaus is about a fifteen-minute walk from the main train station of Zermatt, next to the river and the electric bus depot. A wooden footbridge crosses to the other side of the river and the Matterhorn lifts, and by the bridge is a big signpost indicating trails in all directions. We continue on the road upstream in the direction of Zmutt.

Walk further along the road to some park benches and a public telescope with a view of the Matterhorn. Just beyond this, pass to the right side of a quarry/gravel pits onto a broad footpath. A fenced path ascends gradually through pleasant pasture (photo left) in the direction of the Matterhorn. After five minutes take a right at an intersection (1645m) in the direction of Zmutt. The path ascends to the right through stands of trees and past barns to another intersection (1705m). At this one take the upper right on in the direction of Zmutt again. 

Fine views can be had behind to the Mischabel group of peaks (photo left) - the Täschhorn, and Dom.  Shortly the Breithorn can be seen over the village of Zum See to the left. The Matterhorn begins to fade from view as one climbs the path higher. A zigzag or switchback goes by a stand of trees before the trail swings west again and flattens out a bit. Pass a couple of pleasant chalets before reaching another intersection (1910m). At this stage the village of Zmutt is in sight ahead. Go straight on past the restaurant Edelweiss (not to be confused with the more famous restaurant Edelweiss on cliffs above Zermatt) and in five minutes the hamlet of Zmutt (1936m) is reached amongst very fine pastures and wildflowers. In the village can be found a charming little chapel, and two nice restaurants: the Jägerstuße and Zmutt. The hamlet of Zmutt features many fine old barns and wooden houses. Some old residents of Zmutt apparently never even visit Zermatt. They feel it is too much like the "big city"!

Tip: From Zmutt itself only the tip of the Matterhorn is visible. If you want an unobstructed view of the impressive north face, it is possible to get a good view with an extra 15 minutes of walking. To do so turn right by the Jägerstuße and continue uphill on the path north out of  Zmutt. Shortly the path swings left (west) and a large dam can be seen straight ahead. Walk along the path on a gentle uphill gradient until the north wall view of the Matterhorn is unobstructed - which is about when you are above the far end of the dam  (photo left).

Return to Zermatt at leisure the same way.

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